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We will take a look at your health insurance needs and recommend solutions for you to choose from.   If you need health insurance, we will ask for your medications, so that we can verify they are in the formulary of the recommended plans.  We also want you to confirm your doctors accept the plans we recommend.  Doctors may pick and choose which plans they accept, so we need to have the specific plans confirmed.  Whether you select a plan "ON" or "OFF" the Marketplace.  Whether you call the the plans offered on the "Federally Facilitated Marketplace", by it's legal name,  plans created by the Affordable Care Act or by the name often heard on TV ..Obamacare.   We help you apply for a subsidy if you would like.  The subsidy can help reduce the monthly premium and if you qualify there could also be a reduction in your out of pocket expenses.  There are government rules and regulations that determine eligibility for the subsidy.

Whether you are an individual or a group, or  franchiser/franchisee we do everything you need us to do.  We conduct all group meetings and  complete enrollment.  Group  or franchiser/franchisee meetings can be done in person, or via webinar 24/7 access or other methods that work for your style. Enrollments are  available via paper application or  online... via tablets, computers and smart phones. 


Life insurance  has come a long way and now provides living protection and protection for survivors.  We offer a full range of options including: term.. for a specified number of years, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.... 


Permanent policies include Universal life, traditional whole life and  Final Expense Whole Life.   Some of these plans have living benefits, or benefits similar to coverage found for Long term care and other chronic diseases coverage.   You choose the type of plan that works for you needs, some plans have simplified underwriting and some have short applications with just a few underwriting questions and NO parameds..   Both these options have their advantages.    

Group life plans are offered with guaranteed issue capability... no health issues disqualify an employee when employer sponsored plans are provided.  


Medicare  gives those 65 years old and older or those with federal disability (24 month minimum requirement) access to medicare advantage plans and prescription drug plans.   We let you see with an unbiased source... www.medicare.gov,  and help you evaluate the plans and enroll in the one you think is right for you.  We can show you if you have a computer and not have to leave your home and no one has to come to your home.. We'll share our computer screen, and you'll see what we see while you sit and watch your computer screen.

If you would like to have a medicare supplement instead of a medicare advantage plan, we help you find the one that looks good with your budget. Since these plans are standardized... regardless of the insurance company that provides it, the plans are the same.  A Plan F is a Plan F regardless of which company offers it.

Specialty Insurance

There are a large variety of specialty insurance options available.  Everything from dental with coverage for implants to, disability both long and short term, cancer, accident, long term care,  international health  and more.  There is legal protection so you will have support from an attorney when and where you need.... moving violations, wills, trusts, divorce and bankruptcy support and more.   You just ask and we will give you the options and you choose what works best for you.  

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